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Jason's Tyres Tyre Sale- Anti leakage

A small nail, glass shard or other sharp object that causes a leak in one of the tyres does not necessarily have to have disastrous consequences. Jason’s Tyres Tyre Saleuses the tyre sealer Ride-On® for this

  • Do not stand still for a flat tyre!
  • This high-tech tyre sealant makes tyres
  • The sealant is in the tyre and closes the leak imperceptibly.
  • More environmentally friendly and more economical driving

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Ride-On® Tyre Sealer & Balancer

These features make Ride-On an attractive and inexpensive alternative to sound-absorbing tyres, run-flat tyres, sealants without balancing properties, a repair kit and balancing powders or lead. Because Ride-On works preventively, you can continue driving in the event of a collision.

  • Anti-puncture effect
  • Tyres wear on average 25% less
  • Balances tyres in a hydrodynamic manner
  • Cools tyres
  • Improves rolling resistance and reduces vibration and noise
  • Tyres retain the right tension longer (up to 500% longer)

A formula for every vehicle

Ride-On offers a wide range of formulas that have been specifically developed for the needs of each vehicle. Whether you use it in your motorcycle, car or SUV, in new tyres or used, off-road or on-road, we do have a formula that works for you.

More environmentally friendly and more economical driving

We at Ride-On are committed to achieving more road safety, fewer costs and less damage to the environment. When tyres can maintain optimum tension and are perfectly balanced, there is less rolling resistance. This also reduces tyre wear and fuel consumption. Tyres last longer and emit less harmful rubber dust.

Operation Ride-On

The water-based sealant, enriched with Twaron fibers that are six times stronger than steel, is applied in the tyre via the valve or during the tyre change. It forms a protective layer that adheres to the tread of the tyre - and nowhere else: no residue on rims or valves.

Less leakage, less downtime, more yield

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Jason’s Tyres

Jason’s Tyres has existed since 2000 and is divided into 3 divisions:

Jason’s Tyres Sale
Tyres Sale offers a complete and the largest range consisting of controlled tires (covers up to 57 inches), as well as new and used tyres.

Jason’s Tyres Network
Network is a partnership within Europe with highly experienced partner companies that apply the same core values ​​as Jason’s Tyres and its customers. This enables us to provide you with a quick solution for your questions realize.

Jason’s Tyres Extreme
Extreme supplies the complete program around dumpers, loaders, cranes and the complete E.M. program. We have all A-brands (including Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone).
Our specialization lies mainly in the field of E.M. and truck tyres.

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