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Jason’s Tyres Sale has existed since 2000 and provides the complete range of tyres (new and second-hand), dumpers, loaders, cranes and the complete Earthmover and Mining Program. We have all A-brands (including Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone).

Our specialization lies mainly in the field of E.M. and truck tyres. We also work together with a number of very experienced companies. Our employees are a well-functioning and coordinated team, each specializing in their field. For Jason’s Tyres Sale, the customer satisfaction counts above all!

Keywords for our services are:

  • Finished tyres (covers up to 57 inches) and various used tyres in stock
  • Polyfill, complete insurance against the penetration of nails / scrap
  • Loan rims, straps in all sizes and intake of scrap tyres
  • All tyres with warranty and repair of all E.M.- and truck tyres
  • Wheel repairs, custom made of every rim and new and used rims
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Speed ​​& Service

Not only can we replace the tyres quickly, we are also on the spot very quickly. Jason’s Tyres Sale works closely with partner companies all over Europe, which can quickly turn out to do repairs in our assignment.

Tyre Management System

The right Tyre Management ensures:
30% less fuel consumption and 50% more kilometers less downtime, more safety and reliability less administrative worries. Providing tailored advice is an important focus for Jason’s Tyres Sale.

Ride-On TWC®

Ride-On TWC ® is a special low viscosity fluid developed in the USA, which provides excellent protection against wheel rim and tyre under pressure. In addition, it makes clear the leaks of both the tyre and the rim.

Ride-On® - Anti leakage

A small nail, glass shard or other sharp object that causes a leak in one of the tyres does not necessarily have to have disastrous consequences. Jason’s Tyres Sale uses the tyre sealer Ride-On® for this.

Ride-On® is produced in the United States and is considered to be the most innovative Tyre Sealant product available. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles worldwide use Ride-On® in their tyres. Ride-On® is available in different formulas for all conceivable vehicles. Trucks, Passenger cars, Motorcycles, ATV / Quads, Agricultural-industrial vehicles, Scooters- Mopeds and Bikes (Bike-On®)

Ride-On® protects the inside of your rims and tyres against all forms of rust and corrosion.

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Jason’s Tyres Sale is official importer of cover tyres.

We offer 2 formulas:

You can have your own carcasses renewed through us
You can purchase a complete tyre including carcass through us

Marangoni & Rodos Schelkmann Cover Tyres

If your old tyres are worn, it is not necessary to purchase new ones! Jason’s Tyres Sale has a privileged relationship with both partners, absolute specialists in the renewal of tyres.

The existing carcass is put in a mold and applies a new rubber layer under high temperature. In this way, the old tyres are completely renewed at a price much lower than the purchase of brand new tyres.

Two systems are used here:

You wait 4 to 6 weeks until your old tyres are back from their make-over

Or you take part in a trading system, where you exchange your old tyres for renewed tyres on another carcass. If the carcass of your old tyres is then accepted to qualify for renewal, we will deduct this from your account.

Jason’s Tyres Sale is primarily a distributor that is not tied to certain brands.
Our advice for new tyres always depends on the cheapest choice for the customer.

As official agent of the 3 top brands – Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodyear – we can always guarantee the best quality. These tyres are available from stock in the various types.

Depending on your needs, Jason’s Tyres Sale can also recommend a number of other brands that are slightly cheaper.

This is interesting, for example, for tyres on machines that are used sporadically.

Jason’s Tyres Sale has a large stock of used tyres in all sizes, brands and profile depths.

This stock is continuously being replenished. The used tyres are mainly intended to help customers who need to replace one front or rear tyre.

As a result, there is often a difference in height between the front and rear tyres.

This is solved by using a second-hand tyre that has substantially the same tread depth. Jason’s Tyres Sale performs accurate measurements on the vehicle for this.

All second-hand tyres are thoroughly inspected before they are used again!

For customers who can not afford to get their machines out of circulation, Jason’s Tyres Sale offers a wide range of solid tyres (Brawler and Trelleborg).

The big advantage of these full rubber tyres is that puncture is impossible. They are Salely reliable and do not need to be maintained or repaired.
Since they have a longer life than pneumatic tyres, these solid tyres are a logical choice for many customers.

Experience shows that especially companies active in glass recycling, waste treatment, steel industry or bulk transport have these tyres installed as standard.

Logistic companies that are contractually bound to unload and load within certain deadlines also do not take risks in the event of possible failure of their vehicles.

Jason’s Tyres

Jason’s Tyres has existed since 2000 and is divided into 3 divisions:

Jason’s Tyres Sale
Tyres Sale offers a complete and the largest range consisting of controlled tires (covers up to 57 inches), as well as new and used tyres.

Jason’s Tyres Network
Network is a partnership within Europe with highly experienced partner companies that apply the same core values ​​as Jason’s Tyres and its customers. This enables us to provide you with a quick solution for your questions realize.

Jason’s Tyres Extreme
Extreme supplies the complete program around dumpers, loaders, cranes and the complete E.M. program. We have all A-brands (including Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone).
Our specialization lies mainly in the field of E.M. and truck tyres.

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