Flat tyre prevention


A small nail, shard of glass or another sharp object causing a flat tyre does not necessarily need to have disastrous consequences. Jason's Tyres uses the tyre sealer PSFPlus® or Tire Life®.



PSFPlus® is a tyre sealer that has been tested in the laboratory and used in practice, with good results; PSFPlus® protects your tyres against punctures with a diameter of up to 0.6 cm. The brand combination of corrosion reducers, polymers and fibres help maintain the tyre pressure and protect the wheel rims against rust. PSFPlus® continues to work even under extreme tyre speeds and temperatures. PSFPlus® enables you to maintain your tyre pressure and reduce standstill, while at the same time extending the life of your tyres.


Tire Life®

Tire Life® is a liquid specially developed in the US, which has a low viscosity, offers excellent protection against rust on the wheel rim and a low tension of the tyre.

• Environmentally friendly

• Reduces the loss of wheel tension

• Removes and prevents rust on the wheel rims

• Makes punctures of the tyre as well as the wheel rim clearly visible

• Reduces the tyre temperature by 7.5% to 9%, depending on the working conditions