Cover tyres

Jason's Tyres is official importer of cover tyres.


We offer two types of service: 

• We can renew your own carcasses

• We can provide a complete tyre including carcass.


Marangoni & Rodos Schelkmann cover tyres

If your old tyres are worn, you do not necessarily need purchase new tyres!


Jason's Tyres has a privileged relationship with both partners, absolute specialists when it comes to renewing tyres. The current carcass is placed in a mould and a new rubber layer is added under high temperature. This way, your old tyres are completely renewed at a much lower price than having the tyres replaced by brand new tyres.


We have two systems:

• You wait 4-6 weeks until your new tyres have been renewed.

• You take part in an exchange system, whereby you exchange your old tyres for renewed tyres on a different carcass. When the carcass of your old tyres is accepted for renewal, we will add this as a discount on your invoice.